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What I know so far


I say this a lot but I do intend to write more here. In November, I was certified to become a foster parent and also was told I had colon cancer. Unfortunately, fostering is on hold for now. I had surgery to remove the portion of my colon with cancer and cancer was found in a lymph node so chemo starts in a couple weeks.

The thing I know so far is that when you are told you have cancer, things are put into perceptive. The little annoying pieces of daily life that you thought were important aren’t.

writing and life progress


I’ve been meeting my writing goal every day but I’m getting frustrated because it feels like I’m not doing enough. I am. I know I am. Every day you write is progress. I just want to finish faster. I think I’ve settled on “Hell Yeah” as a title, but that could change.

I’ve been taking a supplement called L-Theanine for three weeks now. It’s an amino acid found in green tea that reduces the body’s reaction to stress. It’s working but I have the urge to stop taking it and see how I feel which makes me realize that I’m one of those people who would stop taking prescribed medication to see if I’m better suddenly. It has helped with my anxiety and doesn’t make me feel drowsy. It also helps with blood pressure.

I’m also dieting again. Blah. I hate it. I lost 50 pounds a few years ago and gained it all back plus 10 more. So here I am again.

Thursday I will be having kid therapy. I get to spend time with my 4 year old nephew who is the happiest kid in the world. I’m hoping some of it will rub off on me.