Terzah’s Sons

Terzah, a wilful and fiery second generation har from the tribe of Kheops, has accompanied his Gelaming consort, Zen, to a remote area of Megalithica, where the Gelaming have set up a rough settlement for human refugees. Terzah has recently had a harling, and is far from happy with Zen’s posting. Terzah despises humans and has nothing but contempt for those around him. However, when tragedy strikes the small community, and a human who Terzah realizes was actually a friend to him dies unexpectedly, Terzah is moved to take in the woman’s orphaned sons. Not every human agrees with this, as they feel humans should be raised by humans. Terzah finds himself fighting prejudice as keen as his own. Gradually, Terzah realizes his attitude to humanity must change, as hara and humans are forced to work together to overcome common threats and dilemmas, so that the settlement will succeed and become a real community. Conflicts within his own family and dark secrets kept by his consort add intrigue and drama to the tale. Terzah’s Sons gives a fascinating glimpse into the daily life of hara, far from the courts of the high ranking and mighty. These are hara who get their hands dirty, coping with life’s problems as best they can in primitive conditions.


Para Imminence

I have a short story called The Color of Words in this Anthology which shows Terzah’s family many years in the future.

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