Things I do instead of writing.


1 Finf amusing things on Pinterest

2. Wash dishes. (Ha! Who am I kidding? I’m not washing dishes.)

3. Play with cats

4. Make play lists for my characters. Closer to actually writing, at least I’m thinking of my characters.

5. Blog post about what I’m doing instead of writing.

Dr. Ruth and asexuality


Apparently, Dr. Ruth isn’t dead. I know, I was surprised too. Not only is she not dead, she’s on twitter. I suppose that’s not as shocking as the fact that she’s not dead. Why am I talking about Dr.Ruth? Because she posted this.

Dr. Ruth has the right to tweet whatever she wants to tweet but for someone who styles herself an educator of “sexual literacy” this is a shockingly ignorant opinion. How about doing a little research before you bash 7.3 million people world wide? Asexual people aren’t a joke. We aren’t a waste of space or a mistake of nature. We exist and we have value.

I never was a fan of Dr. Ruth. The only real memory I have of her was a TV appearance with her giggling and saying the word penis way back in the day when no one said that on TV. To me she seemed to have based her public persona on the shock factor that she was a tiny elderly woman saying sexually explicit things.

Dr. Ruth may very well be an amazing  mother and grandmother and general great all around person, but for someone who grew up in the Nazi era she should know better than to marginalize a group of people and say they shouldn’t exist.



Life Lessons-Stuff I’ve learned the hard way


1.If you’re taking apart a faucet to fix a leak, turn off the water.

2. Don’t burn trash (if you’re somewhere that this is done) when It’s windy.

3. Don’t rub a cat’s belly even if it looks like it wants it.


4. Don’t dry lace panties in the microwave.

5. Avoid the central interchange in Akron during rush hour if at all possible.

6. Don’t substitute salt for sugar when making cinnamon rolls

7. Answer the phone as soon as you see it’s your Mom calling.

8. Never come home without cat food if you are out.

9. If you’re at a 24 hour Walmart in the middle of the night and you think all the people you see are freaks, remember that they probably think the same about you.

10. If you’re nephew or niece say they are going to shoot you to outer space and you’ll come back an evil version of yourself, don’t try to reason with them just go with it.