Somethings about me.

I write.

I knit but I only know one stitch. I can make very long scarves.

I’m learning the dulcimer. Slowly.

Milk makes me sick. Even the thought of milk makes me sick.

I read a lot.

I have culture-envy. If I could have chosen to be someone other than a white mid-westerner, I would have.

I’m a TV snob. I like my shows British or science fiction or apocalyptic or medical reenactments.

It bothers me that on St. Patrick’s Day everyone gets to be Irish. Does everyone get to be Hispanic on Cinco de Mayo? I’m all ready Irish, what do I get to be on St. Patrick’s Day?

I’m a DNA junkie. I’m a descendant of Vikings!

I love prehistoric civilizations and megaliths. I do not think ancient aliens or the Templars built them.

My cat has his own Facebook page. You can see him here.

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